8.sınıf ingilizce yazılı soruları


8.sınıf ingilizce yazılı  soruları
ilköğretim 8.sınıflar için hazırlanmış güzel bir yazılı , yazılı soruları
A- Write the correct forms of the verbs. Use “the Past Continuous and The Simple Past Tense.”
1. When I _____________ (go) to school this morning, my friends _________________ (play) football.
2. She _________________ (read) a book when her mother _________________ (come) home.
3. Jack’s mother __________________ (cook) meal when he _______________ (arrive) home.
4. They ____________________ (listen to) music when the telephone _________________ (ring)
5. When we _______________ (see) our friends, they __________________ (wait for) the bus.
B-Match the sentences.
1-If you add two and two a)you get five
2-If you subtract three from five, b)I can make some cakes
3-If you multiply four by four , c)you get four
4-If you divide twenty-five by five, d)you get two
5-If you like , e)you get sixteen
C-Choose the correct answer.
1-If it is rainy__________________.
a)I must take my umbrella
b)I must study
c)I took my umbrella
d)I am umbrella
2-If the traffic lights are red___________________.
a)we are waiting
b)we have waited
c)we must wait
d)Canan goes
3-When students get high marks______________________.
a)they are beautiful
b)they feel happy
c)I am tall
d)they feels happy
4-__________________________,take an aspirin.
a)If you are have got aheadache
b)You are headache
c)If you have got a headache
d)She is ill if
5-__________________________,you get pink.
a)If you mix red and white
b)I am a student
c)If you see red
d)If she study
D ) Find the different word and circle it.
1. read – see – go – they
2. begin –leave – pencil – drink
3. door –jump –use -collect
4. November – Latin – December – August
5. sleep – swim- bank –knock
E ) Complete the sentences using the words in brackets.
1. I_____________ in İzmir last week. (am / was)
2. Why did you ____________ a new coat? ( buy / bought)
3. She ___________ cleaned her shoes yet. ( haven’t / hasn’t)
4. We didn’t ___________ to walk to school. ( used / use )
5. Thet do their homework by ________________ (themselves / ourselves )
6. I am a student, ______________? ( don’t I / aren’t I )
7. He has just _______________ on the bus. ( got / get )
8. Have you ______________ our new English teacher? ( saw / seen )
9. Did you _____________ football yestarday? ( play / played )
10. She was ______________ to music on her walkman. ( listened / listening)

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